At Community Covenant Church, our passion is “loving God … loving people … here, there, and everywhere.” So whether with others in the church family, at home, in the community, or around the world, we’re all about recognizing that as our loving God joins us in our journey, we have the privilege of coming alongside others in a spirit of authentic love and grace. As we do, we discover the joys of living life together, generation with generation.

Thanks for your interest in learning more about the C3 family and ministry! If you’re looking for a place to call your church home in the Fairbanks North Star Borough or already a part of our C3 community, we invite you to peruse our website. And of course, we’d love to have you join us anytime. Come as you are and explore with us the experience of genuinely loving God and others.

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Giving online has never been easier.

Thank you for donating financially to a“Mission that Matters”! Every contribution, small or large, is not only appreciated, but important to our loving God and loving people.

Our Passion

We dream of changed communities, neighborhoods, generations, cultures…
as they are transformed by the power and presence of Jesus working through us.

Welcome to C3!

With something for everyone our church is filled with life and activities.  Check out the event calendar to see what’s around the corner.

Welcome to Covenant Community Bible Experience

Read big. Read real. Read together.

The Evangelical Covenant Church is excited to announce a Covenant-wide effort launching in 2016 to be “People of the Book” together! C3 will be joining our larger Covenant family on an unforgettable journey–to reignite our passion for the Scriptures.

It’s a “book club” experience using The Books of the Bible, a unique approach to the New Testament published by Biblica and adapted by the Covenant Church with resources for children, youth, and adults.

  • From September 25 – November 20
  • Copies of The Books of the Bible will be available or use the mp3 audio version for youth/adults found at or one for CHILDREN at
  • For eight weeks, read assigned portions of the Bible to get a view of God’s great plan of redemption
  • Immerse yourself in every word of the New Testament — understanding it in context, experiencing it in community!
  • Sign-ups for a weekly “book club” available in the church foyer or contact the church office, 907-456-6553 for specific info and addresses  … choosing from small groups geared for families, young adults, women, men, and general. The following small groups will begin the week of SEPTEMBER 25 and continue through NOVEMBER 20.
    1. Wednesday–Men:  7:00pm —  FAIRBANKS
    2. Thursday–Women:  6:30pm — FAIRBANKS
    3. Thursday–Young Adults:  6:30pm — FAIRBANKS
    4. Friday–Adults/Youth:  7:00pm — FAIRBANKS
    5. Saturday–Families:  5:00-7:00pm — NORTH POLE
    6. Saturday–Families:  5:00-8:00pm — FAIRBANKS
    7. Sunday–Youth:  1:00pm — led by Youth Group leaders, at church
    8. Aarigaa/UAF Students:  TBD

Go to for additional resources for you and your family including the audio Bible for kids!

Our Passion

FamFriendly5Our passion at C3 is to follow Christ’s heart and mission for His Church as summed up in I John 4:21 (MSG):

“The command we have from Christ is blunt:
Loving God includes loving people. You’ve got to love both.”

We state it as:  Loving GOD. Loving people. Here. There. Everywhere.

We CONNECT with the ever changing population of Fairbanks.
We CULTIVATE spiritual, relationship, and leadership growth.
We COMMISSION our members into the world for God’s service.

That’s the long and short of who we are and what we’re about at C3.
We keep it simple, just responding to Jesus’ invitation
to follow him and live out his words, connecting our story with his.
Both his ways and his words lead us to
love God and love people…
here, in Fairbanks North Star Borough, our “Jerusalem,”
there, in Alaska and the lower-48, our “Judea and Samaria,”
all the way to our everywhere, all nations, the “ends of the earth.”
(Mark 12:30,31; Acts 1:8)

As we live out what Christ has called us to be and do, we dream of being used of God as change agents of communities, neighborhoods, generations, and cultures.

Online Giving

Giving online has never been easier.

Thank you for donating financially to a “Mission that Matters”! Every contribution, small or large, is not only appreciated, but important to our loving God and loving people … here, there, and everywhere … making a difference in countless lives. Be blessed in your walk as a result of your gift, for as Jesus said, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

Welcome to C3!

As a family of folks from all walks of life and seasons of the journey, C3 is a group of diverse people who increasingly are “living life together,” learning to accept God’s love and love him in return, and loving other people unconditionally — making a difference in all generations in Fairbanks North Star Borough and beyond. So whatever your season of life, background and current spiritual walk, you are welcome at C3 … a people and place where there is freedom to seek, discover, find, and live out the deeper meaning of life … in a context where everyone finds a sense of belonging in the family.

C3 Location

We’re located at

2136 McCullam Ave.

Fairbanks, AK 99701


(907) 456-6553

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