Students in grades 6-12 — whether in public, private, or home school settings — are in a very crucial time in their overall development, setting the pace often times for a lifetime yet to be lived.

We at C3 believe that the home is the number one priority for their nurture and development. But we also realize how crucial the church can be in especially the spiritual, relational, and emotional development of students. Therefore, we devote much time and attention to providing opportunities for students to gather with their peers…and adults who as mentors, can speak into and influence them into a walk with God and life’s perspective and direction that will serve them for years to come.

Our “living together…generation with generation” helps prevent students from being isolated from other generations, giving them an opportunity to rub shoulders with the broader age spectrum…and learn to serve others in a teen world that tends to be very self-centered and self-absorbed. Our goal is that as they move through and complete their teen years, that students at C3 will continue to be fully-devoted followers of Jesus, involved in the Christian community, and contributing powerfully toward the health and redemption of the world and its people around them — here, there, and everywhere.

School Year Weekly Activities¬†and Studies¬†— Sundays at C3 — 1:00-3:00pm

  • lunch, games, learn scripture, grow deeper in faith
Led by James Menaker and his staff of volunteers