Family / Adult

One of the great challenges for all adults regardless of marital or family status, is to grow into an understanding of how one’s Christian faith intersects with and impacts the realities of everyday life. Only by being in positive and authentic Christian community with others can adults maximize the life God has given them.

We at C3 seek to assist adults, families, parents, and all adults in any way we can to become healthy, well-rounded individuals and family units that meld their growing faith with the whole of life itself. Realizing “we’re in it together,”  we seek to influence and support one another in all of life, not just in the church programs.

So whether through scheduled church opportunities for parents, men, women, specialty programs such as Financial Peace University (FPU), Truth Project, Spiritual Parenting course, or the like…or through “living life together” as supportive community…we join hearts and hands knowing that we are a part of something larger than ourselves — to the health and growth of everyone involved.