Our Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs

Our Mission

Loving God … loving people … Here, there, and everywhere!

Our Vision


  • We CONNECT with the ever-changing population of Fairbanks.
  • We CULTIVATE spiritual, relationship, and leadership growth.
  • We COMMISSION our members into the world for God’s service.

Our Values

Living Life Together — Generation with Generation:
At C3, we are increasingly living out the value of being an authentic accepting community, intentionally bringing the generations into natural community with one another, yet providing important age appropriate learning and peer opportunities.

In a “plastic” and superfluous world, authenticity is so necessary and frankly, refreshing. We value integrity and truth as we live out a spirit of grace and mutual acceptance.

Jesus valued the “faith of a child,” reminding us in this experience of profound simplicity that we realize the fullness of God’s kingdom here on earth. We attempt to keep the main things the main things. In God’s economy that’s loving him with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. And loving our neighbor as ourselves. Refreshingly simple. Incredibly profound.

We’re all broken. We all need grace, acceptance, and forgiveness we don’t deserve. Someone to meet us where we’re at and walk with us from there. Jesus offers just that. We seek to offer it always to one another and the world around us.

God and his revealed Word are truth. Absolute and ultimate truth. In a world of relativity, our foundation and very essence of life are based solely on God and his Word, the Bible.

When Jesus gives us the challenge and ability to “love our neighbor as ourselves,” he is releasing us from the bondage of self-centeredness unto the practice of thinking of others before ourselves. In everything we do, we seek to love people…here, there, and everywhere … selflessly and focusing on how we can be the hands, feet, and joy of Jesus to them.

Our Beliefs

We affirm:
  • the centrality of the Word of God
  • the necessity of the new birth
  • a commitment to the whole mission of the Church
  • the church as a fellowship of believers
  • a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit
  • the reality of freedom in Christ

For further delineation of each of these affirmations, go to Covenant Affirmations.
For a C3 expansion of the reality of freedom in Christ, email the church office for a copy of “The Reality of Freedom in Christ.”